Welcome to Toys4Tails - your dog toy of the month club!

Ernie - Founder of Toys4Tails
Ernie - Co-Founder of Toys4Tails

Who We Are

Co-founders – Ernie & Laurel moved to California in 2005. We were a bit homesick at first, but were lucky enough to have special people who would send us toys and treats in the mail. Ernie, a cranky old coonhound hated delivery men for the first 9 ½ years of life (or 66 ½ in dog years!). Suddenly he began looking for boxes to arrive and the idea of Toys4Tails was born.

As the idea for Toys4Tails grew, Ernie knew he could not do it alone, so he enlisted the help of his best friend - Chase, a lovable Golden Retriever.

Now, Toys4Tails lives on in memory of Ernie, who went on to doggie-heaven in November, 2008 and Chase who joined him in 2012. While they are both missed more than words can describe, the Toys4Tails team believes they are resting easy knowing lots of great dogs continue receiving monthly gifts.

The toys that don't get a healthy dose of slobber don't make it onto the site! If you have questions about a specific toy, please feel free to email our Toy Testers at info@toys4tails.com.

Our Mission

So, big or small…like to chew or splash around at the beach? Our mission is to provide you and your pooch hours of fun with your Toys4Tails monthly toy delivery.

Who doesn’t like to receive a surprise package in the mail, especially once a month? Why should our best friends be any different?

Our #1 goal is to make your dog the most pampered pooch out there!

We offer a wide variety of quality dog toys for all breeds in 3 main categories: Chew & Tug, Fetch and Splash. As a subscriber you can either select your dog’s toys or let our Chief Toy Tester pick for you.

We offer high quality products - Every product available on our site has either been recommended by one of our subscribers, tested by our own dogs or has gotten rave reviews in the Pet industry trade journals. We want your pups to be happy and healthy!

Chase - Chief Toy Tester of Toys4Tails
Chase - Chief Toy Tester

Commitment to the Community

At Toys4Tails we understand the importance of giving back. We donate a portion of our sales to animal welfare organizations across the country. If you have a specific charity you would like us to consider, please add as a comment when placing your order. All organizations must be a 501c3.

If you are interested in sharing information on a shelter or dog related charity, please send us an email at info@toys4tails.com.